Your Future with LBS Alam Perdana Townhouse

15 Mar

Your Future with LBS Alam Perdana Townhouse

With the government incentives that allow the youngster to purchase their first property at a low-interest rate, many youngsters now are eager to look out for their first home sweet home. Today, let us tell you a few conditions that a good residential area must-have. 

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Firstly, it must have a large green landscape. Why? A green landscape can act as natural coolants to the area. As grass is cooler than cement. People often take them as air conditioners for the area.

Besides, the tree shading house can reduce temperatures effectively. They also act as environmental cleaners that capture dust. Thus, for those who are particular about the air quality. A green landscape will be beneficial to you.

Did You Know That Trees Can Reduce the Crime Rate?

According to a study conducted by U.S. Forest Service, it is proved that neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets and larger trees can reduce the crime rate.

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Besides, Bandar Hillpark Puncak Alam’s tree can reduce stress and lower blood pressure by looking at them. Green landscaping has lower maintenance as it requires less effort to maintain. Click here to read more about the LBS townhouse in Puncak Alam.

A good residential area must allow the neighbourhood to get places around without a car. For instance, installing a side street for the bicycle.

In Malaysia, people that are not driving relies heavily on public transport. Thus, the residential neighbourhood must be near to public transport so it can provide convenience to the people living in that area.

Next, Taman Alam Perdana must have reliable safety and security approaches. For instance, multiple security posts must be available. 

The security guards must also patrol the residential area every now and often. As it can reduce down the crime rate and ensure safety in the area effectively.

There must be emergency services facilities such as hospitals nearby. If the household has elderlies staying in the area, accessibility to the medical centre is an additional selling point.

It doesn’t have to be a big hospital; a clinic or emergency room nearby can be enough. Thus, the residential need can be satisfied and the anxiety is lesser.

Besides, a great neighbourhood must have great schools. For homeowners and house renter with children, education facilities nearby ensure convenience. 

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A great school is important for the family and the children. It could contribute to the residential area to have a higher property value as well.

Why You Should Purchase Property Now?

Damansara’s property is transforming and right now are more focuses on the outdoor activity’s facilities such as park, basketball court, gym and swimming pool. Having these facilities allow the residentials 

There are many types of land tenure as well. Shah Alam’s new property provides a leasehold for 99 years and some provide freehold.

Puncak Alam property allows the owner to live and flourish in the superior vibrant township in the area. The residentials are surrounded by greens and blossoms under the sky. A property that has a well-connected location gives convenience to the house owners. As it easily connects to a major area with ease of access to highways.

As for accessibility, Rawang’s property is close to highways such as Latar Highway, New Klang Valley Expressway, Guthrie Corridor Expressway and many more.

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If it is nearby to a school or university, it can provide greater economic vibrancy as well. Not only it is beneficial to the family and the children but it also contributes to having a higher property value.

For instance, the residential area provides gates and guards to maximize the security perimeter to give peace of mind to the house owner. Some details to highlight including that the residential area sits on a 469-acre land located in Sungai Buloh landed property for sale.


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