Wallpaper Singapore: What You Should Know About Wallpaper

26 Feb

Wallpaper Singapore: What You Should Know About Wallpaper

 Having a tough time selecting the right choice of wallpaper? Afraid of making a bad choice because ‘once it’s up there, it’s up there’ that you are unable to refund or return it, unlike your furniture. No worries! Over here, there are few tips to select the right wallpaper choice that best fits your personality. With help from Hello Circus, you may consider getting some ideas of colour, design, and texture on the wall. 

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The benefit of using wallpaper is that the walls would not be damaged by oxidants or scratches and you are able to stand out from others. That is because of it very common to paint walls but with various design of wallpaper, it definitely makes the wall stands out. If you are a type who wants to be different, wallpaper for your walls is the way to go. 

Wallpaper shop in Singapore

The foundation of having the right wallpaper is by selecting the best wallpaper shop in Singapore. These wallpaper companies are able to provide the best solution to meet your needs. With the advance of technology, more and more companies are placing their products online. Therefore, you are able to reach them by searching Top 5 wallpaper shops in Singapore. That being said, these companies recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution hence they offer customization services to best meet your requirements. 

Most of the wallpaper company’s website is able to give tips and hints to select the right wallpaper for you. For instance, choose the right colour such as subdued colour for bedrooms while a warm colour for the dining area. However, selecting wallpaper materials is important for long-lasting and easy maintenance such as solid vinyl-wall covering, vinyl-coated paper and natural texture. Moreover, they are various wallpaper design to enlighten your mood such as to vary from Europe, United States, Japan, Korean and etc. Fun fact, the most common wallpaper design used in Singapore is Korea.

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At the official website and social media company’s biography have already stated their contact information such as company contact number or email for more inquiry. Do drop in your request to these companies as they are more than happy to serve you.

Where to buy wallpaper

Purchasing wallpaper is much easier now as you can do online shopping either through social media or the company’s official website. Nowadays, many companies have adopted social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and etc. All you need to do is the private message the company either through the company’s social media or the official website. Within minutes a representative from the company will ask for your personal details and the company will send their bank account details. With online shopping, it reduces an individual from worrying about where to buy wallpaper.

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Through the company’s social media or the official webpage, there are reviews and ratings from the previous customers on how their purchase experience was like and frequently asked questions were about the privacy and security of online transactions. Most customers were satisfied with their online purchase and stated it was convenient. 

For some individuals who prefer to do offline shopping to see and feel the actual product for a better decision. These companies physical stores are still available here in Singapore. You can look up for their company address through their office page at ‘about company’ or key in the company’s name at google search box. 

Wallpaper price in Singapore

  For a good quality wallpaper an average price will range from SGD $100-$130 (1.06m x 1.56m) Do take note some companies offer SGD $300 inclusive of warranty but installation must be from the company itself. However, most private contractor installation fees start from SGD $150-$250. High-end wallpaper in Singapore starts from SGD $900 and above. 

Choosing a Reliable Wallpaper Supplier

  Most of these suppliers are manufactured by the company itself. Therefore, it’s a genuine and trustable product. However, some companies do import their product internationally varying from Europe, United States, Japan, Korea and etc. These are based on the design chosen from each individual.

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