Public Institution Versus Private Institution in Singapore

26 Feb

Public Institution Versus Private Institution in Singapore

Singapore’s education is recognized worldwide. Many people look forward to enrolling themselves into Singapore school for quality education. Most of society may look high on graduates from Singapore. Visit our website now!

The reputation of a public school in Singapore is globally famous. However, a private institution in Singapore also plays a part in providing quality education. Most parents want to let their children experience the best education.

However, conflicts occur when both public and private schools offer a great education for children. This article has sorted out some useful information that may guide one’s decision in selecting the most suitable schools for children.

1.    Education System of Local and International School in Singapore

Both types of schools will be using English as the main languages. The difference only occurs in their native languages. Generally, the public secondary school will likely to learn Chinese, Hindi, Tamil and Malay for second languages while private secondary school offers French, Germany, Spanish languages.

Besides, the public and private institution will have different academic calendars. Both institutions thus will have different school academic semester period. Generally, international schools will have a greater number of semesters than the locals while local school may have a longer period for a semester.

Public school will follow the Singapore MOE system and syllabus while most of the international school is registered under IB (international baccalaureate). Some of the private school run their system especially the private Christian school in Singapore.

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2.    Tuition Fees for Public and Private Institution in Singapore

It is not a surprise that Singapore local school receives international students. However, public schools will have a different price for local students and international students. Singaporean will have a fee waived for the tuition fees while the international students need to pay the full amount of tuition fees generally.

Moreover, the tuition fee is a must when comes to private schools. There are affordable international school available too, but it still needs a substantial amount for completing every level.

Comparatively, the public school offers lower rates than the private ones. Although public school is having a cheaper education, it is still holding a great reputation in providing quality education.

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3.      Social Life in Local and International School Singapore

Culture differences are obvious between the local school and international school. Students in public school will explore more in the local culture. Non-Singaporean may find a little bit difficult to mingle around at first in local school due to culture shock.

Public school will have less diversity than the international school in Singapore. Public school is major will be populated by Chinese, Malays and India. There are international buddies too in the local school, but it is very minor.

In contrast, your kids will meet friends across different countries in an international school. There may not have a fixed culture generally. Your kids will learn to respect every different culture. It is an eye-opening experience when your kids get to know to different custom.

The social life of an international school is very engaging. Students at there are easy to mingle but it is challenging in making friends too. The friendship may not last long due to the kids possibly move around the world following their parents.

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Although you may experience a crowded big hall for your classes every day in public school. The public institution still set the standard high. International schools or private institutions may not have any challenging requirement for entry, it remains a brilliant option for those less optimistic candidates.

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