Pentester Company: What Added Value Do They Bring To Your Business?

19 Apr

Pentester Company: What Added Value Do They Bring To Your Business?

In today’s world, security seems like an important part of our life, and this is the same goes for business. When many business owners know they have to hire a pentester company for their business, they groan inside.

Whether in the form of an internal team or external consultant, they think it is just the consumption of their business and some even criticize the effectiveness service of wireless network penetration in Malaysia But the truth could be different. In the right light, penetration testing can add some valid value to your organization.


Penetration testing is a type of process used to test the vulnerability of the company’s system. It allows users to view the digital landscape from a threat perspective by launching analog cyber attacks on friendly computer systems and finding available vulnerabilities. There is a lot of significant value that can bring by hiring the penetration testing company for your business, and below is the following list of benefits:

Know who are the bad guys

So who is the potential attacker? They can take many different forms from amateurs or student experimental port scanners to see if there are any ports open in your firewall that know how to handle SQL inject scripts by smarter hackers.

Some people do it for fun, but serious hackers are often associated with organized crime, even cyber terrorism. Serious money can be exchanged for looted data. The top pen test providers service usually can help a business to figure out who the man behind all these attackers, and also help you to hunt these hackers.

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Show real risk

Hiring an expert from the pentest company in Malaysia will try to help you try to exploit identified vulnerabilities. This means that you can see what an attacker can do in the “real world “. They may access sensitive data and perform operating system commands. But they may also tell you that theoretically, high-risk vulnerability is not so risky at all because of the difficulty of exploitation.

Evaluate security investment

Using penetration testing can help you to understand your company’s current security situation and has the opportunity to identify potential vulnerabilities. Besides that, due to the advancement of technology,  the emerge of mobile app or application penetration testing will enable us to look independently at the effectiveness of existing security processes and ensure that configuration management practices are followed correctly.

This is an ideal opportunity to review the efficiency of current security investments. What needs improvement, what works, or what does not work, and how much investment is required to build a safer environment in the organization. You can consider the web app penetration test Malaysia to implement into your business to identify whether there is a need for improvement.

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Protect your public relationship

The good public relations and your company reputation have been established many years may suddenly change due to a single security vulnerability. The public’s perception of an organization is sensitive to security issues and can have devastating consequences that may take years to repair. Identify the source code review is very important for maintaining your business system.

Therefore, if proper penetration testing is performed regularly, you can create a strong wall for unauthorized attackers who always try to penetrate and gain access to your organization. You can try to go through the best list of penetration test companies around your area before you hire them. Try to hire the company which is entitled to crest pentest Malaysia, because this type of company is more highly reliable compared with others.

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Prevent from financial damage

Penetration testing also can protect your company from economic harm. The swift security assessment service that provided by pen test company will help you to manage your financial data without any disclose issue happened.

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