Pearl of The Orient: The Ultimate Guide of Batu Ferringhi Trip

3 May

Pearl of The Orient: The Ultimate Guide of Batu Ferringhi Trip

Aside from its best beach resort, the first thing when it is necessary to Penang is its local cuisine! The food that often associated namely the well-known Penang’s Char Kuey Teow,  Prawn pates and the listing go on and on. Besides that, it also has several hot spots like the superb Batu Ferringhi sea view at the beach resort.

With that huge food that comes with excellent friendliness of the hotel, you got to admit this is the place that is a must for you to go. Indeed, it is one of the heavens for travellers and food-lovers. This is why the nickname of Penang is the Pearl of the Orient. In fact, hotel and resort have been graded by many travels recalls as one of the very best travel destinations in the world. Click here to check out Holiday Inn Resort Penang, the best beach resort for a getaway.

From mouth-watering street nutrient to imaginative murals which don the street along with the Batu Ferringhi hotel. Actually, there are a lot of things to do on your first excursion to Penang, or at your second or perhaps the third. It does not matter how many times shave you toured the hotel on the island of Malaysia. Here are some of the activities that ever seem to captivate the traveller’s subconscious every time.

Batu Ferringhi Guide- Things to Do in Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi, another primary place other than Georgetown. It is a place filled with one tonne of attractions and activities. Brought to fame thanks to its tactical location, the hotels in Batu Ferringhi coast have formed like a mushroom. With the site near the sea, this means a lot of pleasures are going to be adrenaline spouting and water involved. Thus, take a penetrating descent on the ultimate things to do in Batu Ferringhi.

1. Batu Ferringhi Night Market

It may seem curious that the night sells of Batu Ferringhi often the list of the best place for night occasion action. hotel in penang islandBut, with the highlights that series from pirated DVDs and fake decorator accessories to handmade local art and workmanship, the night business is surely a view to seeing.

Stretching along with the Penang Beach Resort in Batu Ferringhi, it is not-to-be-missed knew when touring the north. What makes it a great shopping alternative resides in the fact that traveller remaining along the Batu Ferringhi elongate do not have to travel all the way into Georgetown for their retail fix.

2. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe sits comfortably among the top hopefuls of the best nightlife haunts along the Batu Ferringhi. With the perfect combo of huge live music achievements, awesome food and iconic music-memorabilia, it creates a perfect place for a night owl like you to enjoy!

best hotel in penang

3. Bora Bora by Sunset

Bora Bora by Sunset, which is one of the most wonderful beachside resorts, is a good spot to hang out with your friends. penang hotelWith a wide range of pick of beverages at low prices, it creates an ideal atmosphere with a casual and pleasant distinguish suggestive of a Caribbean beach bar.

Stretching all the way to the beach’s fringe, it is popular for the romantic interludes, with a diverse stray of locals, tourists and expats as its clientele. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t know where to start for resort and hotel booking? By setting hotel di Batu Ferringgi Pulau Pinang, you could find countless of hotel or resort that furnish some crazy transaction for you.


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