The Do’s & Don’ts of Taking the First Date to Restaurant and Bar in PJ

26 Feb

The Do’s & Don’ts of Taking the First Date to Restaurant and Bar in PJ

A perfect first date is a lot more like a movie trailer; it ought to be short, heart-fluttering, and should leave you both wanting for more. When you have your first dates at the restaurant and bar in PJ, it could be a challenging task at first.

While asking someone out for a drink, it could be a perfect opportunity to stage your initial attempt at romance with the girl who caught your eye. Nevertheless, here are some of the cardinal do’s and don’ts that you need to bear in mind when choosing the best bar in PJ for your amorous opening gambit. Visit our website for more info!

sky bar pj

The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Your First Date to a Bar

  1. Do: You can choose for a rooftop bar that isn’t too fancy but isn’t too glamorous. You want a place where could wear smart casual, but not with fuddy-duddy fashion. You will end having a hard time impressing your date.

As a real gentleman, you don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on your date that could ruin the romantic mood. All you need to make sure of is that your date location is suitable to have a proper conversation.

Don’t: if you are still new in the relationship, avoid going to a chain restaurant on your first date. No matter how much you have a soft spot for fast food, it should never be an option when you are trying to woo someone.

pj nightlife

  1. Do: choosing an excellent location for a date is important. Therefore, selecting a sky bar with a decent amount of lighting could make everyone appear warmer and friendly. If fluorescents are buzzing overhead, you should pay attention to your entire as you might look washed out and dull.

Don’t: Avoid taking your date to your usual hangout. Even though it’s great if you know the bartender or an ally behind the bar. But you don’t want to walk in there and let banging noise of the fast music ruin your date.

Moreover, a crowded rooftop restaurant surely would make you both difficult to have an intimate conversation. You should find a space where both of you could enjoy the moment peacefully and should stay that way until you get to know your date better.

  1. Do: Select a bar with decent music and a good crowd but isn’t too mobbed or too loud. Remember, you want to make your date to feel comfortable in a room and able to have a small talk without interruptions.

Your attention should be on your date, and not shouting on your order to an overworked bartender that dealing with customers. Sometimes, having a simple date at a less crowded place could be a perfect choice.

Don’t: Going to a bar where they allow smoking is a big no! If you are happened to live in a metropolitan city where smoking is allowed inside the bar, you must avoid them at all costs.

petaling jaya nightlife

You don’t wish to let you and your date stink with the smell of cigarettes. You should keep in mind that you are making an effort to impress your potential love connection while enjoying the nightlife in Petaling Jaya.

If you happen to smoke, it is not the worst thing to go outside to have a quick puff together. If the situation is going smoothly, this might be an excellent opportunity to steal a kiss under the glimmering night sky. Make your reservation now!

26 Feb

The Main Benefits of Window Security Film Perth

 Window tinting is not just merely a fashion statement for your vehicle. When you do not understand how the different types of window film work, it can be a bit of challenge to select the most appropriate film for your car’s window. Visit our website for more details!

Almost all vehicle manufacturers in Malaysia does not tint brand new cars’ window, but it is an accessory that you should have for the car along with the vinyl wrap. Without a proper tint, your car will look and feel transparent as an aquarium, and it could be dangerous. 

window tinting perth

So, what are the benefits of window tinting? Here is a list of the top 5 reasons for you to tint your car’s window. Learn more about our service here!

1. Block Harmful UV Rays

Window security film can act as sunblock for your car’s interior. Without any protection from the sun, your car’s upholstery would fade, tear or severely damage over time. This is because the detrimental UV rays are the leading cause of accelerated ageing and home tinting Perth will help to protect your delicate skin against chronic skin problems.

2. Fight Against the Heat

Having an excellent 3m vinyl wrap and a tinted window could help in reducing the temperature in your car’s cabin. The heat from the sun could be scorching, especially during the mid-day in Perth. Click here for more info.

home window tinting perth

But with a window tint, you don’t have to wind down all your windows whenever you get into your car that is parked in the open area without any shade. The low transparency window tint can effectively reduce the heat in your vehicle by 70 per cent, which is absolutely something you should consider. But make sure to keep in mind the percentage of tinted allowed in your state.

3. Privacy Experience with the Tints On

Moreover, you don’t have to stress or concern about leaving your valuable belongings in your car all the time if you have your window film. It could be dangerous and risky to have your belongings out on your car seat or dashboard that are clearly visible from the outside. Well, it is fine to keep your car hidden from the outside view to preventing any unwanted attention on the precious belonging in the car.

4. Enhance the Aesthetic Value

Having a dark car window and glossy car wrap Perth is undeniably appealing and sleek. It definitely makes your car look much more stylish and chicer. Having your car over the new look perhaps might boost your self-confidence as well. 

5. Keep You Safe from the Shattering Glasses

In case you have a car accident, the film can act as a safeguard that protects your car’s window from shattering all over yourself and your car. The film can hold the little piece and sharp fragment together even after the window breaks.

security film perth

If you ever find yourself in an accident, you certainly would be grateful that you had your car tinted. Well, it is not something that people would think about in advance, but you will never know what going to happen in the future. The broken glass and fragment can potentially get in your eyes or scratch your skin. So, safety first!

The Final Verdict

Last but not least, many people just tint their car’s window with the sole purpose of its aesthetic value. But there is definitely more to it. There are numerous essential benefits and perks to having your windows tinted. And hopefully, by now, you would understand and realize the critical role of them. 

26 Feb

Wallpaper Singapore: What You Should Know About Wallpaper

 Having a tough time selecting the right choice of wallpaper? Afraid of making a bad choice because ‘once it’s up there, it’s up there’ that you are unable to refund or return it, unlike your furniture. No worries! Over here, there are few tips to select the right wallpaper choice that best fits your personality. With help from Hello Circus, you may consider getting some ideas of colour, design, and texture on the wall. 

wall decals singapore

The benefit of using wallpaper is that the walls would not be damaged by oxidants or scratches and you are able to stand out from others. That is because of it very common to paint walls but with various design of wallpaper, it definitely makes the wall stands out. If you are a type who wants to be different, wallpaper for your walls is the way to go. 

Wallpaper shop in Singapore

The foundation of having the right wallpaper is by selecting the best wallpaper shop in Singapore. These wallpaper companies are able to provide the best solution to meet your needs. With the advance of technology, more and more companies are placing their products online. Therefore, you are able to reach them by searching Top 5 wallpaper shops in Singapore. That being said, these companies recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution hence they offer customization services to best meet your requirements. 

Most of the wallpaper company’s website is able to give tips and hints to select the right wallpaper for you. For instance, choose the right colour such as subdued colour for bedrooms while a warm colour for the dining area. However, selecting wallpaper materials is important for long-lasting and easy maintenance such as solid vinyl-wall covering, vinyl-coated paper and natural texture. Moreover, they are various wallpaper design to enlighten your mood such as to vary from Europe, United States, Japan, Korean and etc. Fun fact, the most common wallpaper design used in Singapore is Korea.

wall decals singapore shop

At the official website and social media company’s biography have already stated their contact information such as company contact number or email for more inquiry. Do drop in your request to these companies as they are more than happy to serve you.

Where to buy wallpaper

Purchasing wallpaper is much easier now as you can do online shopping either through social media or the company’s official website. Nowadays, many companies have adopted social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and etc. All you need to do is the private message the company either through the company’s social media or the official website. Within minutes a representative from the company will ask for your personal details and the company will send their bank account details. With online shopping, it reduces an individual from worrying about where to buy wallpaper.

wallpaper shop singapore

Through the company’s social media or the official webpage, there are reviews and ratings from the previous customers on how their purchase experience was like and frequently asked questions were about the privacy and security of online transactions. Most customers were satisfied with their online purchase and stated it was convenient. 

For some individuals who prefer to do offline shopping to see and feel the actual product for a better decision. These companies physical stores are still available here in Singapore. You can look up for their company address through their office page at ‘about company’ or key in the company’s name at google search box. 

Wallpaper price in Singapore

  For a good quality wallpaper an average price will range from SGD $100-$130 (1.06m x 1.56m) Do take note some companies offer SGD $300 inclusive of warranty but installation must be from the company itself. However, most private contractor installation fees start from SGD $150-$250. High-end wallpaper in Singapore starts from SGD $900 and above. 

Choosing a Reliable Wallpaper Supplier

  Most of these suppliers are manufactured by the company itself. Therefore, it’s a genuine and trustable product. However, some companies do import their product internationally varying from Europe, United States, Japan, Korea and etc. These are based on the design chosen from each individual.

8 Oct

The Best 5 Cheap Romantic Dinner Date Ideas in Malaysia

You need to be more imaginative date ideas if you are like the majority of common couples who love some romantic dinner date.

The issue is that the date for KL nightlife typically bound to be a little expensive, plus you require to manage for two.

When you are on a tight budget such as saving for a deposit or paying off your trainee loans, you may not have many opportunities like to have an expensive supper or enjoy at a bar in KLCC.

These are the five inexpensive and romantic dining date ideas that will assist you to concentrate on reconnecting with your partner. Now, you might have the self-confidence to keep the trigger and your saving alive too.

romantic dinner in kl

1. Choose Hike

Going for a hike together could be a relaxing or tough date if you and your partner are daring and free-spirit. Well, it also depends on the path that you take.

Instead of having a happy hour promotion in KL for the cold beer, enjoying nature would be a healing trip for both of you.

And naturally, the hikes that include waterfalls or beautiful ignores could be the most romantic than having a wild-party during happy hour in KL.

Most of the hikes can be provided for free, however, if you wish to have a much better opportunity at a tidy course, look after the state parks, which typically charge for parking.

2. Connect with Your Creativity

While date nights fall by the wayside as life getting busier and busy, so does contact your imagination.

Do you still remember since when is your last drawing, painting or coloring something? Present some life into your life by getting your partner to have some fun with the arts during the candlelight dinner.

Often, a necessary activity like drawing or singing together might be far more enjoyable than hanging out at the rooftop bar in KL.

best candle light dinner in kl

3. Have a Picnic in the Park or Backyard

Who said that you couldn’t date at your house backyard or the park? Having a picnic is a reliable, romantic date concept that definitely will not cost you an arm and a leg as dine-in at an Italian restaurant Kuala Lumpur.

It the true definition of some couple who prefer “easy love,” as you might bring over the home-made food, take some blanket or some chairs and go to somewhere peaceful to have a great picnic.

Even the picnic date would be fun as much as rooftop restaurant, where you could invest a few hours talking, enjoying delicious food and people-watching.

romantic dinner kuala lumpur

4. Reconnect Over Your Future

Has it been a while since you and your partner went over future objectives and desires? While disregarding the date night, fine dining in Kuala Lumpur is one thing, not having clear instructions on where the two of you are headed with another.

Speak about it over some white wine or beer at some event space in KL and make a strategy that gets you both on the same page once again.

In a minute where time becomes limited, it is crucial to reconnect regularly to make sure you and your partner enjoy the dinner at fine dining restaurant. Click here to make your reservation today.

5. Having A Sweet Talk Over Coffee

Tea, coffee, or dessert is frequently much cheaper than going out for KL nightlife. Plus, if you are willing to spend lavishly just a little, you could try brand-new flavors or specializes that you generally would not trouble with.

Having an intimate tea and coffeehouse would make for terrific subtle dates as they are matched to close distance and quite a discussion rather than having the very romantic place for dinner.


22 Sep

The 4 Actionable Tips for a Perfect Event Venue

Undoubtedly, the event coordinator in Malaysia might be a quite eye-catching field which requires a great enthusiasm, interest and a suitable coming near form a remarkable occasion.

You ought to comprehend that not whatever will run efficiently according to the strategy if you’re preferred to set up as a private function venue.

Looking for the best location certainly is a complicated job, and you certainly should deal with various challenges in making an ideal event venue.

You unquestionably need tons of persistence and determination to begin your own as an event organiser.

Why Event Management Really Matters?

Event management is the approach that contains analysing, preparation, marketing, producing the occasion and analysing.

There is various event management business in Malaysia used it as a powerful marketing tool to introduce or market their product or services.

Here are the four necessary actions that you ought to take under consideration in making the ideal event.

event space kl

1. Goal and Format of the Event

The opening is to identify practical goals for the event space. It might appear evident and entirely necessary. However, it’s worth to have an essential approach to the present problem.

You’ll be able to make sure that each part of your event space for rent is optimized for fulfillment if you recognize and view your organization’s fundamental objectives before developing.

Therefore, attempt to formulate your goal as separately as prospective. Are you trying to increase awareness for a cause? Are you trying to raise funds for a task or supply the guest visual enjoyment through function hall for rent?

Therefore, by setting a particular goal or objective can drive with the quantitative metric of success. This will make it much easier for you and your group to verify that you’re on the ideal track in improving the occasion.

2. Set a Date

The date would possibly already be pre-set for a repeating event. However, if this is a brand-new occasion idea, make sure to consider the subsequent before verifying up your date.

You require to offer yourself enough time to get a decent start for the event. Preferably, ones must have 4 to 6 months to schedule a taking place. It depends on the nature or style of the occasion also.

You need to take a minimum of one-year time or longer to set up if you’re preparing to come up with bigger scale occasion at event venue in Kuala Lumpur. You similarly ought to mindful about the public and statutory holidays.

You require continually examining the dates from the secret individuals generally VVIP guests, speaker, speakers, and so on. As soon as the time is validated, you should arrange your place right away.

The date and location ought to be nailed down before you start for marketing. So, these jobs need to be completed as early as potential.

private function venue in kl

3. Develop the Budget Plan

That goes without stating that you require to include quote for all of the crucial things on your training room for rent in KL. You should cross-check the list of jobs and reveals them in your budget.

Besides, it is also recommended for you to prepare the plan-b, just in case of random occurrence or state of affairs.

It is unquestionably better to think of such things before and be prepared for them financially.

budget for event space for rent kl

4. The Devil is Within the Detail

Take whatever right down to the tiniest information if you want to surprise your visitors pleased.

From how they’re going to register, what music is playing, who will greet the people, does one have any attention-grabbing pic corner, how do you make an enticing presentation in the meeting room, to name a few.

Attempt to surprise the visitor and construct the wow result, exceed their expectations within the most common things in the meeting room for rent in KL. This is the precise way of making the perfect feel of the event.

27 May

Interior decoration: 4 Great Techniques to Change Your Residence

Any person that is ever before needed to handle a little house recognizes that tiny area living features its very own collection of obstacles. It does not suggest making these rooms with Malaysia interior designer is difficult. With a little preparation and also second thought, even one of the most cramped rooms might come to be similar components captivating and too practical.

You are in good luck if you are dealing with the limited square footage and also are not rather sure where to begin. Whether you have merely relocated or are seeking a fast or a little residence pick-me-up, there are several of the preferred interior decoration techniques that you want marginal expense as well as initiative. Right here the very best suggestions from a famous interior designer in Malaysia for changing your house.

1. Repaint the Space with softer colors

You need to repaint the area with the lighter as well as softer tones if you desire to increase the tiny living area. The area of this dimension often tends to appear confined. The bigger the home windows, light-colored wall surfaces, and also enough usage of mirrors would indeed not just show the all-natural light, yet it likewise provides the optical illusion of the area.

malaysia interior designAccording to a top interior design firm in Malaysia, repainting the area with softer color will indeed deceive the minds, making space appear more massive than it is. On the other hand, a darker color will certainly make space really feel smaller sized. Despite the lots of all-natural light and also the critical positioning of the mirrors, this area in a darker color would undoubtedly have a much more boxed-in feeling to it.


2. Use Decorative Mirror

The majority of people may not recognize just how the mirrors can be made use of to make a tiny area to feel extra significant. This is the techniques that frequently utilized in office interior design KL, which to make a little room feel bigger and also spacious. Click here to find out more information about office design.interior design company malaysia

For any bigger spaces or any space with a much more insufficient quantity of all-natural light, mirrors put straight throughout from the home window. Check out and consult J&V Design for reliable designer services.

If you desire to include direct light to your living area, this technique is relatively convenient. The decorative mirrors likewise can be utilized instead of art to load the vacant wall surface room. Whether it is tiny or big, using mirrors would undoubtedly be the most effective method to include light as well as the measurement to your home.

3. Allows the Mixture of Style

There is absolutely nothing incorrect with the positioning family members antiques together with your modern-day sofa. All the superb interior design company in Malaysia will certainly inform you that the essential attributes of embellishing your house are that it mirrors regarding you. It will undoubtedly inform every little thing regarding you, who you are, your character in addition to your design. You might attempt anything to blend the pattern, structure vintage or modern-day, to develop a brand-new ambiance.

4. Recycle what You Already Have

interior design company in malaysia

Every person has this negative behavior, hoarding which exceedingly conserves the products that might deem worthlessly. You most likely evacuated in boxes someplace and also have not provided a second opportunity. You require to take an excellent check out what you currently have. Utilize on interior design Ipoh services, you can plates as an ornamental by hanging them to develop amazing wall surface art. You additionally might utilize the kids’ books to the framework and also hung it in baby rooms. You absolutely will be astonished at what you can do with what you currently have!

3 May

Pearl of The Orient: The Ultimate Guide of Batu Ferringhi Trip

Aside from its best beach resort, the first thing when it is necessary to Penang is its local cuisine! The food that often associated namely the well-known Penang’s Char Kuey Teow,  Prawn pates and the listing go on and on. Besides that, it also has several hot spots like the superb Batu Ferringhi sea view at the beach resort.

With that huge food that comes with excellent friendliness of the hotel, you got to admit this is the place that is a must for you to go. Indeed, it is one of the heavens for travellers and food-lovers. This is why the nickname of Penang is the Pearl of the Orient. In fact, hotel and resort have been graded by many travels recalls as one of the very best travel destinations in the world. Click here to check out Holiday Inn Resort Penang, the best beach resort for a getaway.

From mouth-watering street nutrient to imaginative murals which don the street along with the Batu Ferringhi hotel. Actually, there are a lot of things to do on your first excursion to Penang, or at your second or perhaps the third. It does not matter how many times shave you toured the hotel on the island of Malaysia. Here are some of the activities that ever seem to captivate the traveller’s subconscious every time.

Batu Ferringhi Guide- Things to Do in Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi, another primary place other than Georgetown. It is a place filled with one tonne of attractions and activities. Brought to fame thanks to its tactical location, the hotels in Batu Ferringhi coast have formed like a mushroom. With the site near the sea, this means a lot of pleasures are going to be adrenaline spouting and water involved. Thus, take a penetrating descent on the ultimate things to do in Batu Ferringhi.

1. Batu Ferringhi Night Market

It may seem curious that the night sells of Batu Ferringhi often the list of the best place for night occasion action. hotel in penang islandBut, with the highlights that series from pirated DVDs and fake decorator accessories to handmade local art and workmanship, the night business is surely a view to seeing.

Stretching along with the Penang Beach Resort in Batu Ferringhi, it is not-to-be-missed knew when touring the north. What makes it a great shopping alternative resides in the fact that traveller remaining along the Batu Ferringhi elongate do not have to travel all the way into Georgetown for their retail fix.

2. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe sits comfortably among the top hopefuls of the best nightlife haunts along the Batu Ferringhi. With the perfect combo of huge live music achievements, awesome food and iconic music-memorabilia, it creates a perfect place for a night owl like you to enjoy!

best hotel in penang

3. Bora Bora by Sunset

Bora Bora by Sunset, which is one of the most wonderful beachside resorts, is a good spot to hang out with your friends. penang hotelWith a wide range of pick of beverages at low prices, it creates an ideal atmosphere with a casual and pleasant distinguish suggestive of a Caribbean beach bar.

Stretching all the way to the beach’s fringe, it is popular for the romantic interludes, with a diverse stray of locals, tourists and expats as its clientele. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t know where to start for resort and hotel booking? By setting hotel di Batu Ferringgi Pulau Pinang, you could find countless of hotel or resort that furnish some crazy transaction for you.


3 May

List of 5-star hotels in Malaysia

Malaysia is known to be a touristic place where visitors can get to immerse themselves in the beautiful culture and taste the foods of the country. Malaysians will also often go for short trips or staycations around Kuala Lumpur for a short break from work. When planning for these activities, thinking of a place to stay would often come first in thought.

There are many types of places to stay in like hotels, hostels, homestay, resorts and others. Depending on the location and type of hotel, prices can range from being affordable to expensive. In the context of the hotel, there are many 5 stars hotel in Malaysia to choose from. Hotels, in general, become a popular pick because of the service it provides. You would not have to worry about a messy room and running out of toiletries and others when staying in a hotel.

However, for a 5-star hotel, it is basically another whole new experience. Here, you can get to enjoy the facilities, go for spas, swim, gym or just chill in your comfortable room all day and call for room service because it is that worth it. best hotel in malaysia

Once hungry, you can check out the hotel buffet downstairs and fill your tummies with food prepared by award-winning chefs. This would be a dream vacation for many. Although the price may come a little high, however, it can be worth it to stay in a luxurious hotel once in a while.

These hotels are also a popular choice for couples to host their wedding dinner. Because of this demand, many hotels are now offering wedding hotel packages price or wedding hotel packages. With the right venue and the right event planner, couples can turn their wedding into a magical experience.

Here is a list of best hotels in Malaysia that you can choose from:

1. Sunway Resort Hotel

malaysia hotel

Sunway Resort Hotel is located in the hearts of Sunway City, which is one of the most liveable cities. This is because, in that single city, you can find everything you need. Buildings like hospitals, universities, shopping mall, theme park, public transport, condominiums and others are all located in the city and are just a few minutes’ drives away from each other.

The Resort Hotel is located right next to Sunway Pyramid, which is the very own mall of Sunway. It is considered one of the largest malls around Klang Valley. Once you have shopped here, you would not have to shop anywhere else. The hotel offers great hotel buffet dinner promotion for guests that stay in the hotel.

This is one of the selling points for Sunway Resort Hotel. Prices for rooms here start from RM444 for a Premier Room which can sleep up to 2 people. For the facilities and services of it, it is a great deal.

2. InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

best hotels in kuala lumpur

Next up would be InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, a hotel boasting its great views of the Petronas Twin Towers. This hotel is perfect for couples looking for a romantic atmosphere at night and great facilities. With its strategic location, it would be a perfect choice for travellers too.

Within walking distance, you would be able to access the KLCC Park where you can get to enjoy the water fountain show at night. At day, you can walk to Suria KLCC, which is a shopping mall and shop there or visit the aquarium to be immersed in the sea world.

The hotel has its very own Japanese fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Tatsu Japanese Cuisine. This restaurant has got the freshest sushi you have ever tasted and will bring your Japanese experience to another level. Click here to find out more information about Tatsu Japanese Cuisine.

Besides that, there is Din Tai Fung too, a famous Chinese restaurant located inside Suria KLCC. Shoppers who wish to try Chinese food can visit the restaurant.

16 Apr

Best Happy Hour Kuala Lumpur – Looking For Cheap Beer

Searching for good food at a cheap price can be hard sometimes. Especially when there is not enough promotion for it and no information can be found online. It is for sure that many people are always on the search for affordable places to hang out during the weekends or after a long day of work. Click here to find out more.

People are always on the search for cheap stuff or value buy items. Thus, the restaurants in Malaysia must adapt to this culture and offer a promotion at specific periods too. This is to gain a competitive edge over other competitors.

 italian restaurant kuala lumpur


The happy hour promotion is a famous promotion worldwide that have been implemented long ago. This is a marketing term to attract customers to come within a specified period of time. Back in the olden days, this promotion was only applied to alcoholic drinks. However today, this promotion has been brought onto all types of food and beverages, depending on what the restaurant decides.

The happy hour KL period is usually around 5-9pm daily. At times, restaurants would pair this up with other special promotions like ‘sunset hour’ or ‘women’s night’ promotion at fixed days. It is not hard to find cheap food and drinks to enjoy. Check out M Marini Grand Caffe for the luxurious meal at an affordable price.

1. The Beer Factory

This place is known for selling cheap beer in Kuala Lumpur with a mug of beer costing as low as RM10. This does not specialize in selling alcohols, and only beer as the name gives. You can often see a crowd here during weekends or at night after work as they have got the best happy hour. The happy hour here is from 7pm-9pm and the deal is that you can get 5 pints of beer for only RM85.

If you do the math, one pint of beer will only cost you RM17 which is already considered relatively cheap. Besides that, they provide set meals for lunch and dinner with their famous buttermilk chicken rice. For the lunch promotion, one set which includes rice and drinks only cost RM15. This is cheap for food, making them the top choice when it comes to cheap food and drinks.

 happy hour kuala lumpur

2. Dukes and Duchess

Dukes and Duchess is a bar serving good western food and drinks. It is a subsidiary under a famous bar and grill company, Uncle Don’s Restaurant. Uncle Don’s is famous for it being the best Italian restaurant in KL, serving up various types of food like pizza and pasta. It also serves local favorites like the kampung fried rice.

This concept applies similarly to Dukes and Duchess because of it being a subsidiary. This is one of the ways to carry on company branding. Duke and Duchess offer Malaysia’s coldest frozen beer draught at an insanely cheap price. One frozen mug only costs RM7.99, which is much cheaper compare to The Beer Factory. This makes it competitive with the best buy Malaysia happy hour promotion it offers. Learn more about the happy hour strategy here.

cheap beer kuala lumpur

3. Porto Romano

Porto Romano is inevitably the best Italian restaurant near KLCC because of its delicious pizza and pasta. This is not much of a place to enjoy alcohol, but it will make a good place for you to dine in and enjoy good food. It has a nice view here as it is located near the Petronas Twin Tower and near the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel.

In terms of drinks, you can get a generous portion of wine for only MR19.9+ during happy hours. The wine will be good to compliment your food. If you are longing for some fine dining experience, this is the place for you.

5 Apr

Romantic Dining – The Best Steak House in Kuala Lumpur

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is time to plan for another romantic dinner night out with your loved ones. Finding a good restaurant that serves good food and good service for a cheap price is never easy. However, it is not impossible.

Before that, you have to decide what types of cuisine you would like to have. In Malaysia, people often enjoy cuisines like Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Western, Thailand and Vietnam as it suits the taste buds. Western cuisines are a popular pick for the best experience. These restaurants will often provide a wide range of foods to choose from, but the best would be the steaks there.

 romantic dining in kl

Closing near to fine dining, there are various steak houses that provide the best variety of beef you can find. The steak house in Kuala Lumpur often serves the famous dry aged beef and wet aged beef. There are a few differences to it.

Dry age vs wet age

Dry aged beef is a traditional method that involves the whole sides of beef cut and hung in open air for several weeks. It must be hung in very cold temperatures just above freezing for preservative purposes. This way, the enzymes are working on the muscle tissues and allowing the meat to slowly dehydrate.

Dehydrated meat will not promote the growth of much bacteria. This concentrated meat changes the texture and flavour of the meat too and many people prefer it as it gives very tender meat with intense flavour. However, it can get a bit drier than usual beef as the muscles shrink and beef get dehydrated in the process. Click here to find out more.

 candle light dinner in kl

Wet aged beef is a relatively new and fresh technique of preserving meats. It all started with the advances in plastics and refrigeration. The cuts of beef are vacuum-sealed in plastics and shipped to the market. When done so, the ageing starts to take place and will last in between 4-10 days from slaughter to sale of meat. Within this period, the enzymes will have time to tenderize the meat enough to make it tasty. Also, it does not dehydrate the meat, so you do not have to worry about dry meats.

Restaurant serving the best steak

1. Marble 8

Marble 8 is known for its steak house and this is where you can find dried aged and wet aged meet. They are one of the top western restaurants in Malaysia and is a representation of luxurious food as they serve the best meat with the finest and freshest ingredients. Besides having top-class beef, they serve up caviars too. however, dry aged and wet aged beef can come a little pricey compared to other beef. Check out Marble 8 Restaurant to find out more.

Thus, if you are looking for meats with similar texture but a lower price, they offer the best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur for you. Wagyu beef is soft and tender to chew and when cooked right, the taste of the beef is brought out.  This will be the best place candle light dinner in KL too.

western restaurant in kl

If you are looking for a fine dining experience, this can be the place for you. However, it is a luxurious restaurant with high prices. You will be required to pay a certain amount for booking and there will be a dress code to follow. However, they occasionally offer promotions on their foods, especially festive season like New Year’s Eve or Christmas.