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26 Feb

Public Institution Versus Private Institution in Singapore

Singapore’s education is recognized worldwide. Many people look forward to enrolling themselves into Singapore school for quality education. Most of society may look high on graduates from Singapore. Visit our website now!

The reputation of a public school in Singapore is globally famous. However, a private institution in Singapore also plays a part in providing quality education. Most parents want to let their children experience the best education.

However, conflicts occur when both public and private schools offer a great education for children. This article has sorted out some useful information that may guide one’s decision in selecting the most suitable schools for children.

1.    Education System of Local and International School in Singapore

Both types of schools will be using English as the main languages. The difference only occurs in their native languages. Generally, the public secondary school will likely to learn Chinese, Hindi, Tamil and Malay for second languages while private secondary school offers French, Germany, Spanish languages.

Besides, the public and private institution will have different academic calendars. Both institutions thus will have different school academic semester period. Generally, international schools will have a greater number of semesters than the locals while local school may have a longer period for a semester.

Public school will follow the Singapore MOE system and syllabus while most of the international school is registered under IB (international baccalaureate). Some of the private school run their system especially the private Christian school in Singapore.

singapore international school

2.    Tuition Fees for Public and Private Institution in Singapore

It is not a surprise that Singapore local school receives international students. However, public schools will have a different price for local students and international students. Singaporean will have a fee waived for the tuition fees while the international students need to pay the full amount of tuition fees generally.

Moreover, the tuition fee is a must when comes to private schools. There are affordable international school available too, but it still needs a substantial amount for completing every level.

Comparatively, the public school offers lower rates than the private ones. Although public school is having a cheaper education, it is still holding a great reputation in providing quality education.

best private schools in singapore


3.      Social Life in Local and International School Singapore

Culture differences are obvious between the local school and international school. Students in public school will explore more in the local culture. Non-Singaporean may find a little bit difficult to mingle around at first in local school due to culture shock.

Public school will have less diversity than the international school in Singapore. Public school is major will be populated by Chinese, Malays and India. There are international buddies too in the local school, but it is very minor.

In contrast, your kids will meet friends across different countries in an international school. There may not have a fixed culture generally. Your kids will learn to respect every different culture. It is an eye-opening experience when your kids get to know to different custom.

The social life of an international school is very engaging. Students at there are easy to mingle but it is challenging in making friends too. The friendship may not last long due to the kids possibly move around the world following their parents.

best international schools in singapore

Although you may experience a crowded big hall for your classes every day in public school. The public institution still set the standard high. International schools or private institutions may not have any challenging requirement for entry, it remains a brilliant option for those less optimistic candidates.

26 Feb

The Importance of Insurance Guarantee for Foreign Worker Malaysia

Insurance is protecting life as most of the insurance agency mentioned in the advertisement. Insurance is generally important in life. Most of the company signed up insurance plan to prevent any sudden loss when an accident happens. Every organization is necessary to sign up employee insurance to protect the human workforce. Therefore, insurance is an essential component of life.


1.      Group or Personal Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is commonly discussed among people. This is due to people are facing various stages of unexpected incidents in life. Those incidents might be tragedy and sorrow, some even caused a heavy burden to families and siblings.

Therefore, people commonly prefer a group or personal accident insurance. This is because a group or personal accident insurance is a necessity. However, most of the citizen, especially in the Asia region, have less awareness about its importance. This is partly due to the culture of personnel adopted from the respective family.

In contrast, western people have a higher awareness of an unpredictable future. Thus, a westerner is more prone to insurance than Asian.

group personal accident insurance


2.    Reliable Company has Workers Compensation Insurance

Company has many assets. The human workforce is one of the main assets of a company. The worker’s compensation insurance is needed to protect the company most important asset – the employees. This is also a benefit that attracts the employees during recruitment.

Generally, it is an employment act required by the government. Besides, there is foreign worker insurance available in this demanding market. Many locals like to enjoy the overseas experience. The locals who are transferred to overseas indeed needs insurance guarantee for foreign worker Malaysia.

Foreign worker insurance is more expensive than common local compensation. This might be due to the risks for a foreign employee is higher.

When peeking into the workers’ compensation plan deeper, the group hospital and surgical insurance coverages are the most important part. This is because it may save your life when you are working. This insurance covers the employee’s medical benefits. Learn more about the benefits here!

workers compensation insurance


3.      Property Insurance such as Theft Insurance is Rising Importance

Property insurance is getting its importance nowadays especially when you are planning to buy a new property. Property is an investment that you might not want to lose this many people will buy burglary insurance.

Nobody will expect a burglary to home sweet home. Burglary can occur to your property when you are travelling overseas, not to stay in a house for a very long period. Although there is quote mentioned that prevention is better than cure, but intention from other party is difficult to prevent.

Therefore, theft insurance is getting more critical in the current market. There are various theft insurance packages such as travelling theft insurance.

Besides, property insurance covers accidents too. The accidents happen must be unintentional to claim insurance compensation. There are thousands of fire insurance Malaysia has been claimed over the past five years.

theft insurance

4.      Vehicle Insurance is Never Decreased in Demand

How many cases of the accident happened every year? The amount is terrifying! The available vehicle insurance is not only protecting yourself but also the third party. The third-party vehicle insurance Malaysia is necessary and compulsory for people nowadays.

This is due to accidents happen commonly involve two parties. Therefore, third party insurance is essential to protect other people’s lives. Check out our website for more info!


5.      If Protection Sounds Too Boring for You……

Investment, bonding, shares and stocks can be done through any insurance agent. They are the expertise other than the bank agent. You can even view the performance bond in Malaysia via the insurance agent platforms.

26 Feb

The Do’s & Don’ts of Taking the First Date to Restaurant and Bar in PJ

A perfect first date is a lot more like a movie trailer; it ought to be short, heart-fluttering, and should leave you both wanting for more. When you have your first dates at the restaurant and bar in PJ, it could be a challenging task at first.

While asking someone out for a drink, it could be a perfect opportunity to stage your initial attempt at romance with the girl who caught your eye. Nevertheless, here are some of the cardinal do’s and don’ts that you need to bear in mind when choosing the best bar in PJ for your amorous opening gambit. Visit our website for more info!

sky bar pj

The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Your First Date to a Bar

  1. Do: You can choose for a rooftop bar that isn’t too fancy but isn’t too glamorous. You want a place where could wear smart casual, but not with fuddy-duddy fashion. You will end having a hard time impressing your date.

As a real gentleman, you don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on your date that could ruin the romantic mood. All you need to make sure of is that your date location is suitable to have a proper conversation.

Don’t: if you are still new in the relationship, avoid going to a chain restaurant on your first date. No matter how much you have a soft spot for fast food, it should never be an option when you are trying to woo someone.

pj nightlife

  1. Do: choosing an excellent location for a date is important. Therefore, selecting a sky bar with a decent amount of lighting could make everyone appear warmer and friendly. If fluorescents are buzzing overhead, you should pay attention to your entire as you might look washed out and dull.

Don’t: Avoid taking your date to your usual hangout. Even though it’s great if you know the bartender or an ally behind the bar. But you don’t want to walk in there and let banging noise of the fast music ruin your date.

Moreover, a crowded rooftop restaurant surely would make you both difficult to have an intimate conversation. You should find a space where both of you could enjoy the moment peacefully and should stay that way until you get to know your date better.

  1. Do: Select a bar with decent music and a good crowd but isn’t too mobbed or too loud. Remember, you want to make your date to feel comfortable in a room and able to have a small talk without interruptions.

Your attention should be on your date, and not shouting on your order to an overworked bartender that dealing with customers. Sometimes, having a simple date at a less crowded place could be a perfect choice.

Don’t: Going to a bar where they allow smoking is a big no! If you are happened to live in a metropolitan city where smoking is allowed inside the bar, you must avoid them at all costs.

petaling jaya nightlife

You don’t wish to let you and your date stink with the smell of cigarettes. You should keep in mind that you are making an effort to impress your potential love connection while enjoying the nightlife in Petaling Jaya.

If you happen to smoke, it is not the worst thing to go outside to have a quick puff together. If the situation is going smoothly, this might be an excellent opportunity to steal a kiss under the glimmering night sky. Make your reservation now!

26 Feb

The Main Benefits of Window Security Film Perth

 Window tinting is not just merely a fashion statement for your vehicle. When you do not understand how the different types of window film work, it can be a bit of challenge to select the most appropriate film for your car’s window. Visit our website for more details!

Almost all vehicle manufacturers in Malaysia does not tint brand new cars’ window, but it is an accessory that you should have for the car along with the vinyl wrap. Without a proper tint, your car will look and feel transparent as an aquarium, and it could be dangerous. 

window tinting perth

So, what are the benefits of window tinting? Here is a list of the top 5 reasons for you to tint your car’s window. Learn more about our service here!

1. Block Harmful UV Rays

Window security film can act as sunblock for your car’s interior. Without any protection from the sun, your car’s upholstery would fade, tear or severely damage over time. This is because the detrimental UV rays are the leading cause of accelerated ageing and home tinting Perth will help to protect your delicate skin against chronic skin problems.

2. Fight Against the Heat

Having an excellent 3m vinyl wrap and a tinted window could help in reducing the temperature in your car’s cabin. The heat from the sun could be scorching, especially during the mid-day in Perth. Click here for more info.

home window tinting perth

But with a window tint, you don’t have to wind down all your windows whenever you get into your car that is parked in the open area without any shade. The low transparency window tint can effectively reduce the heat in your vehicle by 70 per cent, which is absolutely something you should consider. But make sure to keep in mind the percentage of tinted allowed in your state.

3. Privacy Experience with the Tints On

Moreover, you don’t have to stress or concern about leaving your valuable belongings in your car all the time if you have your window film. It could be dangerous and risky to have your belongings out on your car seat or dashboard that are clearly visible from the outside. Well, it is fine to keep your car hidden from the outside view to preventing any unwanted attention on the precious belonging in the car.

4. Enhance the Aesthetic Value

Having a dark car window and glossy car wrap Perth is undeniably appealing and sleek. It definitely makes your car look much more stylish and chicer. Having your car over the new look perhaps might boost your self-confidence as well. 

5. Keep You Safe from the Shattering Glasses

In case you have a car accident, the film can act as a safeguard that protects your car’s window from shattering all over yourself and your car. The film can hold the little piece and sharp fragment together even after the window breaks.

security film perth

If you ever find yourself in an accident, you certainly would be grateful that you had your car tinted. Well, it is not something that people would think about in advance, but you will never know what going to happen in the future. The broken glass and fragment can potentially get in your eyes or scratch your skin. So, safety first!

The Final Verdict

Last but not least, many people just tint their car’s window with the sole purpose of its aesthetic value. But there is definitely more to it. There are numerous essential benefits and perks to having your windows tinted. And hopefully, by now, you would understand and realize the critical role of them. 

26 Feb

Wallpaper Singapore: What You Should Know About Wallpaper

 Having a tough time selecting the right choice of wallpaper? Afraid of making a bad choice because ‘once it’s up there, it’s up there’ that you are unable to refund or return it, unlike your furniture. No worries! Over here, there are few tips to select the right wallpaper choice that best fits your personality. With help from Hello Circus, you may consider getting some ideas of colour, design, and texture on the wall. 

wall decals singapore

The benefit of using wallpaper is that the walls would not be damaged by oxidants or scratches and you are able to stand out from others. That is because of it very common to paint walls but with various design of wallpaper, it definitely makes the wall stands out. If you are a type who wants to be different, wallpaper for your walls is the way to go. 

Wallpaper shop in Singapore

The foundation of having the right wallpaper is by selecting the best wallpaper shop in Singapore. These wallpaper companies are able to provide the best solution to meet your needs. With the advance of technology, more and more companies are placing their products online. Therefore, you are able to reach them by searching Top 5 wallpaper shops in Singapore. That being said, these companies recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution hence they offer customization services to best meet your requirements. 

Most of the wallpaper company’s website is able to give tips and hints to select the right wallpaper for you. For instance, choose the right colour such as subdued colour for bedrooms while a warm colour for the dining area. However, selecting wallpaper materials is important for long-lasting and easy maintenance such as solid vinyl-wall covering, vinyl-coated paper and natural texture. Moreover, they are various wallpaper design to enlighten your mood such as to vary from Europe, United States, Japan, Korean and etc. Fun fact, the most common wallpaper design used in Singapore is Korea.

wall decals singapore shop

At the official website and social media company’s biography have already stated their contact information such as company contact number or email for more inquiry. Do drop in your request to these companies as they are more than happy to serve you.

Where to buy wallpaper

Purchasing wallpaper is much easier now as you can do online shopping either through social media or the company’s official website. Nowadays, many companies have adopted social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and etc. All you need to do is the private message the company either through the company’s social media or the official website. Within minutes a representative from the company will ask for your personal details and the company will send their bank account details. With online shopping, it reduces an individual from worrying about where to buy wallpaper.

wallpaper shop singapore

Through the company’s social media or the official webpage, there are reviews and ratings from the previous customers on how their purchase experience was like and frequently asked questions were about the privacy and security of online transactions. Most customers were satisfied with their online purchase and stated it was convenient. 

For some individuals who prefer to do offline shopping to see and feel the actual product for a better decision. These companies physical stores are still available here in Singapore. You can look up for their company address through their office page at ‘about company’ or key in the company’s name at google search box. 

Wallpaper price in Singapore

  For a good quality wallpaper an average price will range from SGD $100-$130 (1.06m x 1.56m) Do take note some companies offer SGD $300 inclusive of warranty but installation must be from the company itself. However, most private contractor installation fees start from SGD $150-$250. High-end wallpaper in Singapore starts from SGD $900 and above. 

Choosing a Reliable Wallpaper Supplier

  Most of these suppliers are manufactured by the company itself. Therefore, it’s a genuine and trustable product. However, some companies do import their product internationally varying from Europe, United States, Japan, Korea and etc. These are based on the design chosen from each individual.